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Our Services: What You Need to Know

1. Hardware Requirements for Applied VoIP Services

Applied VoIP services are supplied for connection to an IP PABX equipment or IP gateways, please contact us on 02 8014 9696 if you are unsure if your hardware is compatible. 

2. Dedicated Internet Service for Applied VoIP Services

Ideally we recommend a dedicated internet service for your Applied VoIP traffic.  This will help to ensure that basic internet activity such as web browsing and the downloading of emails does not affect the quality of your phone calls. We recommend that you use a business grade ADSL2+ or EFM broadband service. When it comes to broadband speed some providers offer a more consistent, and better quality services than others. To see how your broadband service compares, test yours when net usage is highest, at sites like

3. 000 Emergency Dialling

Due to possible technical issues beyond our control, Applied VoIP is not always guaranteed to provide access to 000 emergency services.  We do not recommend that you use Applied VoIP as your sole telephone service/system.  For your protection, please ensure you always have an alternative means of dialling the 000 emergency services.  If you intend to use the Applied VoIP service to dial the 000 service, the service address provided by you on your Applied VoIP Application will be displayed to the emergency services operator.  It is your responsibility to notify Applied VoIP of any changes to your service address details.

4. Authorised Representatives and Advocates

If you wish, you can appoint a person to interact with us on your behalf. An advocate is someone who you appoint to interact with us, but who does not have authority to change your account settings or details. An authorised representative is a person who you authorise to operate your account and make changes as if they were you.

To appoint either an advocate or an authorised representative, please complete and send to us our appointment form, which you can obtain from the following link: Authorisation authority

5. Billing

You will receive your monthly invoice/statement on the 1st of each month via email. The direct debit will be taken from your nominated account between 10-12th of the month. Your account fee is paid in advance (pro-rated for the first month) and phone calls are paid in arrears. For an example of our Sample Invoice and our call rates, please visit our website on

6. Information about your current spending and previous bills

If you want to obtain records of your previous bills from us, or view your current spend to verify that charges to be billed to you are correct, you can access our customer portal at:   If you want to access bills which are more than 24 months old, there may be an additional charge.

7. Direct Debit

If you wish to amend your direct debit set-up details with us, please email and we will email a new Direct Debit Form.  Alternatively contact us on (02) 8014 9696.

8. Financial Hardship and Debt Counselling

Our financial hardship policy is available at: Financial Hardship Policy

If you are experiencing genuine financial hardship and think you may be covered by our policy, please contact us to provide evidence of the financial hardship for us to consider.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, there are a number of organisations which provide free counselling and assistance. To find a financial counsellor in your area, visit

A report from a financial counsellor can help show what you can afford to pay towards your telecommunications services and may be required under our financial hardship policy.

9. Complaint Handling

Our complaint handling policy can be downloaded at: complaint handling policy.

10. Spend Management Tools

We provide a number of spend management tools to help you manage your services with us.

You can check your spending via our customer portal, at:         

You can contact us to request that certain features of your service, such as international use or premium numbers, are limited if they are enabled.

11. Contacting our Support Team

You may contact our support team either by phone on (02) 8014 9696 or by sending an email to  Please note emails must contain your Account Code so we can identify you.  Our support hours are 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday (all times AEST).