applied voip

Business 1 DID

  • Setup - $50.00 ex GST
  • 1 local phone number (DID numbers available throughout Australia) for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Untimed calls to any landline in Australia
  • NO STD charges
  • Unlimited free Applied VoIP to Applied VoIP calls
  • No flagfall / call connection fees
  • Incoming and outgoing calling number display
  • No bundling - therefore you are only paying for the calls you make
  • No lock-in contract required ( 30 days written notice is all that is required for cancellation of this service )
  • Voicemail and call forwarding available at additional cost

Call Types

Call Rates Ex GST

Applied VoIP to Applied VoIP FREE
Flagfall / call connection fees NONE
Local Calls 10c UNTIMED eg. a 2 min local call is 10c ex GST
National Calls 10c UNTIMED eg. a 2 min national call is 10c ex GST
Mobile Calls 17c p/min (charged in 30 second increments after the first minute) eg. a 2 min mobile call is 34c ex GST
International Calls from 1.4c p/min see the call rates page for more information

Business Plan 1 DID Critical Information Summary