applied voip

Business 10 DID

  • Setup - $50.00 ex GST
  • 10 local phone numbers (DID numbers available throughout Australia) for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Untimed calls to any landline in Australia
  • NO STD charges
  • Unlimited free Applied VoIP to Applied VoIP calls
  • No flagfall / call connection fees
  • Incoming and outgoing calling number display
  • No bundling - therefore you are only paying for the calls you make
  • No lock-in contract required ( 30 days written notice is all that is required for cancellation of this service )
  • Voicemail and call forwarding available at additional cost
  • ** DID pricing conditional on Applied VoIP being the primary provider for outbound calls, inbound minutes not to exceed outbound minutes

Call Types

Call Rates Ex GST

Applied VoIP to Applied VoIP FREE
Flagfall / call connection fees NONE
Local Calls 10c UNTIMED eg. a 2 min local call is 10c ex GST
National Calls 10c UNTIMED eg. a 2 min national call is 10c ex GST
Mobile Calls 17c p/min (charged in 30 second increments after the first minute) eg. a 2 min mobile call is 34c ex GST
International Calls from 1.4c p/min see the call rates page for more information

Business Plan 10 DID Critical Information Summary