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number portingWhat is number porting?

Number porting is the process of moving a telephone number from one provider to another. It is possible to fully convert to VoIP whilst retaining your current landline telephone number. 

How to request a number port

Complete the online application with full details of the number to be ported.  Use the checklist below to ensure that all the details are correct prior to faxing your application to Applied VoIP

Porting time frame

While we do make every effort to streamline the process, porting time can vary depending on how quickly we receive all the correct documentation and agreement from your current telecoms provider. This is also dependent on the type of line(s) that you are porting over. Please call your Toshiba Dealer or Applied VoIP if you require further information.

Although we work hard to minimise any impact relating to the migration or porting of a number, there may be a short period of downtime when the actual porting occurs as the losing network updates it's systems. This sometimes causes people dialling your number to reach your old provider rather than Applied VoIP, however this is usually brief.

Applied VoIP is not responsible or liable for any costs associated with call forwards / redirections, downtime whilst porting is in progress, or perceived loss of business due to porting delays.
Applied VoIP cannot guarantee that your number is portable until your current carrier confirms local number portability acceptance.


Check list for Completing the Porting Application Form

To avoid your current Telecoms provider from rejecting your porting application, please use the following checklist to ensure that Applied VoIP receive all the correct details.

Mandatory checking fields are:

  • The Customer Details (ie company name/address/phone number) must be exactly as they appear on the most recent account statement provided by your current Service Provider.
  • Check that you have included your current Provider's Account No. (usually a 10 digit number).
  • CAT A or CAT C? Inputting the incorrect Category A or C is the most common reason a port is rejected. CAT A is a simple standard PSTN voice service with no "enhancements". CAT C is a complex number/s with one or more enhancements ie line hunt, call diversion, fax stream and ISDN. Please ensure that you have filled in this Category correctly, if you are unsure, please contact your current Service Provider for details.
  • If you are porting more than one number (ie Line Hunt Group/Call Circulate/Rotary group), please ensure that all the phone numbers are listed on the Application Form. If you do not wish to port all the numbers, you must remove / disassociate these numbers from your line hunt group prior to submitting your porting application form to Applied VoIP.

If we do not receive the correct information your porting application will be rejected by your current carrier. Once you are sure all the information is true and correct, please sign and fax to 02 9980 8269

Type of Line

Porting Charge + GST

Price per Rejection + GST

Emergency Returns + GST

CAT A (Single number simple) * $80.00 $40.00 $275.00
CAT C (Complex 1-100 numbers) ** $320.00 $120.00 $525.00
CAT C (Complex 101 + numbers) ** $550.00 $280.00 $1650.00
1300 & 1800 Numbers $70.00 $120.00 $525.00
The porting charges are a one-off cost. Once ported the normal 1 DID, or 100 DID monthly account fees apply. Please contact us for pricing details.
Emergency returns are charged if the porting has to be cancelled at the last minute and put back to the original configuration.
* This applies to a single phone number without any additional services like line hunt, diversion, call waiting etc.
** This applies to a line with additional services either a PSTN, BRI or PRI connection eg GDN, DID, MSN etc